Help us contribute to the development of students and the regional business community! As a member in Campus Vänner you help us to build the future of the region of Helsingborg. Campus Vänner constitute the bridge between students at Campus Helsingborg and the regional business community. We work for an inspiring exchange between theory and practice, which we believe leads to knowledge and lasting relationships.

Our aim is to integrate the business life in the studies and vice versa, therefore we need your help. As a company who becomes a member in Campus Vänner you will be involved in our cooperation with Campus Helsingborg and are able to connect with future talents and contribute to the development of the region of Helsingborg.

As a member of Campus Vänner you are able to contact students in an effective way for trainees, extra work, inspiration, help with master thesis and job opportunities after finished studies.

A membership in Campus Vänner costs 10 000 SEK, in which 500 SEK is for the membership fee and 9 500 SEK is a deductible service fee.

As a member you receive:

– Exposure of the company

– New insights and possibilities to stay ahead in your industry

– The opportunity to take advantage of current research and new findings

– The possibility to identify and recruit new talents

– The opportunity to be part of building a future region

– The opportunity to be part of an interesting and exciting network

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Connects is a digital meeting place for students and companies


Connects is the first and foremost platform for employers and students to meet

Digital meeting place

Connects is a combination of the digital and the physical meeting, where a first contact online may be followed by a longer conversation at the next network meeting.

Bridge builder

We are the bridge builder between students and companies - u as student or employer can create inspiring and important contacts for the future.

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A few of our members share why they're members of Campus Vänner

Jenny Rydhström, founder of Gents.se, on why they're a member of Campus Vänner:

”The business community and Campus can benefit from each other through the help of an facilitator who aims to bridge the gap. Our company has found a way to professionally connect to both the University and the city via Campus Vänner. We hope that our engagement will generate to new, driven and qualified employees, an opportunity to influence and contribute to great degree programs and increasing the value of the city."

Ulf Nilsson, CEO at DHL Global Forwarding, on why they're a member of Campus Vänner:

”A strong region and a strong University is important to us. Being a part of Campus Vänner creates an opportunity for us to support the development of the region and gives us access to a network of businesses and students. Campus Vänner is the bridge between the business community and the students, who also supports the students by handing out scholarships. We have many good examples of when Campus Vänner reached out to students with projects, internships and permanent positions." 

Founder of the company Edument AB, Acke Salem, on why they're a member of Campus Vänner:

”Edument is a knowledge-company that offers courses and expertise services all over the world. We chose to become members of Campus Vänner to be able to contribute to, develop and motivate the knowledge exchange in our region. We also believe that by collaborating with schools and the University will help us with recruiting talented and driven students."

Göran Hellström, CEO, Partner, at Navet AB on why they're a member of Campus Vänner:

”Navet was engaged in the creation of Campus Vänner and has been a member since start. Being a service company, it is vital to our recruitment processes that the Universities in the region continuously develops and that the connection to the regional business community is established. Campus Helsingborg is an important and growing section of Lund University and our region needs to increase the number of graduates. This is the other reason why we find the membership in Campus Vänner pleasing and by that support the work they're doing"

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