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Uppdragsbanken is a service where you as a member can  register a job offer, internship or a question of issue/idea suggestion that a student can investigate in the framework of an academic essay.  You can get the opportunity to collaborate with a student in a subject that relates to your profession and thus bring in further perspectives into your business.


Announced assignments

Here you can read about already completed assignments. You can get tips and ideas for the formation of your assignment.

Do you want to publish an assignment for thesis, internships or job opportunity?

How it works

Follow this step-by-step guidance below to easily register your assignment. Feel free to contact us at info@campusvanner.se if you have any questions.

  1. Fill the form regarding the current assignment. Please note that announcements for jobs, academic essays and internships differs from announcements for events.
  2. Campus Vänner will post the your announcement in the assignment list, where interested students have the possibility to contact the contact person for the assignment.
  3. Students who are interested in the assignment will contact you. It is up to you to choose the appropriate assignment aspirant and to decide with them about the practical details. If the assignment is regarding an academic essay it is important to prepare time to plan the student’s ability to collect any information (empirics) needed from your working place.
Note the importance of replying all assignment aspirants.

What is a bachelor or master thesis

Please note that certain needs (e.g. spreads of more administrative character) are not suitable for an academic essay. Here you get to learn more about what a bachelor- or a master thesis implies and what is important to know when you formulate your assignment.

A thesis or academic essay is among higher educations, a non-fictional investigative text. A bachelor thesis is written during half a semester and comprise 15 academic credits. A master thesis has a larger comprise (30 credits) and is written for one whole semester. Do you need help with documentation for a new policy? Do you need help summarize and analyze the result from a study? Do you need to be inspired by new methods and tools? For more information and guidance, read about our completed assignments under the page Completed assignments or contact info@campusvanner.se.

A thesis is usually an individual work, but is sometimes written in smaller groups of two or three students. However, the thesis must comply with the criterias and requirements of a scientific text. It is therefore important to emphazise that the work the student is doing within the framework of Uppdragsbanken is a compromise between what the client wants to investigate and the academic criterias of a thesis. Usually the academic criterias are presented from the students supervisor from university.



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