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Are you interested in searching for an announced assignment? Read through this to get more information or tips about what’s required when you search for an assignment. 

1. Find an interesting assignment among the announced assignments.

2. Submit an application with a presentation of yourself and your thoughts about the assignment to the contact person listed in the description. Also send a copy of your application to To ensure your errend is handled in time we also recommend you to call the contact person for the project.

3. When multiple applicants it is up to the client to choose which student is offered the assignment.

4. If the assignment is regarding internship or thesis, you and the contact person for the assignment should schedule a meeting where you discuss the project and decide how the future work will proceed. If the client wishes you to write a popular version of an assignment you need to agree on terms and conditions. We recommend you to discuss this with the contact person before initiating the work.

5. If the assignment is linked to your education you should, as a student, discuss the topic with your academic supervisor before beginning the assignment.

6. When the assignment is completed we would like you to send the result to

If you would like to present your finished product to the client, it would be very appreciated. You can discuss this with the contact person for the project.

Good luck!

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