Student skriver på sin uppsats vid vattnet

What is a bachelor or master thesis?

A thesis or academic essay is among higher educations, a scholarly text. A bachelor thesis is written during half a semester and comprises 15 academic credits. A master thesis has a larger comprise (30 credits) and is written for one whole semester. Do you need help with documentation of a new policy? Do you need help summarize and analyze the result from a study? Do you need to be inspired by new methods and tools? For more information and guidance, read about our completed assignments under the page Completed assignments or contact


A thesis is usually an individual work but is sometimes written in smaller groups of two or three students. However, the thesis must comply with the criteria and requirements of a scientific text. It is therefore important to emphasize that the work the student is doing within the framework of Uppdragsbanken is a compromise between what the client wants to investigate and the academic criteria of a thesis. Usually, the academic criteria are presented from the student’s supervisor from the university.

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