Campus Vänner scholarship application


Who can apply for a scholarship?

  • Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students at Campus Helsingborg can apply for a scholarship. (Researchers cannot apply for a scholarship.)

Examples of approved scholarships:

  • Study trips are approved for scholarship application if it is part of a project in the education and not a semester/year abroad.
  • Project assignments from Campus Vänner’s member companies to students as part of the student’s education.
  • Dare to “Dream Big”!

After receiving the scholarship:

  • Scholarship recipients are welcome to speak about the scholarship project at one of Campus Vänner’s events. What happened? What did it lead to? How will this affect you in the future?
  • Feedback of the scholarship project should be submitted to Campus Vänner after the project is done. Campus Vänner will send this feedback form to the scholarship recipient separately.

How to apply for a scholarship:

  • The application of the scholarship is done through the PDF online form.
  • Important to receive an email confirmation that the scholarship application has been received.

The scholarship application is now closed!

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