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Campus Vänner Connects combined networking, skill endorsments and advertising online.

Network of the future

Platforms for job advertising are many, but few are specifically created for students at Campus Helsingborg and anchored in the region’s business community. Campus Vänner Connects is also an unigue combination of the digital and the physical meeting, where a first contact online may be followed by a longer conversation at the next network meeting.

Secure the supply of skills

Finding the right employees will be crucial for further growth. With Campus Vänner Connects you get access to a unique network where the new generation’s vocie is ditinct.  Togheter we build bridges between students and business and you have oportunities to attract competent and well-educated workforce.

Business and academia

Our vision

Campus Vänner Connects is the first and foremost platform for students and companies in Helsingborg to meet at.

Digital meeting place

Campus Vänner Connects combined networking, skill endorsments and advertising online. 

Accessible 24/7

Connect wherever you are. Follow students and companies and get the latest posts directly in your smartphone.

Expose yourself

Expose yourself to students and companies through your own profile and unique posts.

Connect with the talents of the future

Campus Vänner Connects is the plattform were it´s easy to advertise and attract students with job ads, internship services and thesis. You can also search among student profiles in the database. With just over 4000 students at Campus Helsingborg, the possibilities to find and connect to interesting candidates a very good.

With our digital plattform you can search among student profiles in the database and advertise based on your needs

Advertise jobs & internships

Important relationships and exchanges of skills are already created during the study period through extra jobs and internships. Advertise where the students are and strengthen your employer brand.

Thesis projects

Through research and essays, you can gain valuable insights about your business, from an external and academic perspective. Do not miss the opportunity to invite students to their degree and thesis projects.

Keep up to date & connect

With just over 4200 students at Campus Helsingborg, the right skills and knowledge are just around the corner.

Download our app

With Campus Vänners app you can easily get in touch with companies and students by publish or find internships, jobs and thesis. In the app you can also find our upcoming events and scholarship grants.

Join us and create your own future today!

competence for the future


Connect with the university and college world and get new research perspectives.

summer job

Attract competent and well-educated workforce and strengthen your employer brand


Create your own profile and search among other registered students and employers

Part time job

With just over 4200 students at Campus Helsingborg, the possibilities are very good to find and connect with interesting candidates

Degree projects, essays and project work

  • Do you need help with supporting a new policy?
  • Do you need help in compiling and analyzing the results of a survey?
  • Do you need to be inspired by new methods and tools?

An essay in higher education is a non-literary investigative text, which means that it must live up to the criteria and requirements that apply to a scientific text. It is usually an independent work, but is also written by small groups consisting of two or three students. A bacheler thesis is written during a half term and comprises 15 credits. A master’s thesis has a larger scope (30 credits) and is written for a full semester.

For more information and guidance, you can also read about previously completed assignments below or contact us at

Bee inspired by assignments completed by students

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