Benefits for our members

Knowledge and research is a competitive advantage, but also a scarce. It is difficult to keep up with the technological and social development and is easy to lose the position in the market. Campus Vänner provides a shortcut to the skills and talent existing at Campus Helsingborg, and also provides a route to finding future co-workers.

Campus Vänner provides a unique network of leading businesses and organisations in the region, who share the same goal of stressing the importance of higher education for the future. The young generation’s voice is loud and clear in the network. This is where the bridge is built between students and the business community, now and for the future.

Campus Helsingborg provides an important opportunity for the business community to recruit competent and well educated workforce and to make the region increase its attractiveness for residents and traders. As a member you invest in your organisation and the region’s future. 

A membership in Campus Friends costs SEK 10,000, of which SEK 500 is a membership fee and SEK 9,500 is a deductible service fee.

Do you want to see which other companies that are members?


To create the best possible exchange between Campus Helsingborg and the regional business community, Campus Vänner offers various forums, meeting places or activities for you as a member.

Campus Vänner Connects

Campus Vänner Connects is a digital platform that combines networking and advertising online. Campus Vänner Connects makes it easy to advertise and attract students with job ads, internships and thesis. You can also search among students or company profiles in the database. With just over 4200 students at Campus Helsingborg, the possibilitys to connect with interesting candidates a very good.

Värdeskapande möte i konferenssal

Breakfast seminars

Four times a year Campus Vänner arrange breakfast seminars where exciting, innovative and current topics will be discussed over a tasty breakfast. This is an opportunity to be up-to-date with the lastest research and to expand your network.


Scholarship award and networking

At this event you'll have the opportunity to listen to interesting lectures and to meet proud grantees accept their scholarships at a formal event. A dinner night of networking with both student and the business community.

Reversed mentorship

Reversed mentorship

An innovative mentorship program where the company serves as the mentee and the student as a mentor. A creative way to gain knowledge of how the new generation views employment and work values.


Millennial dialogue

A smaller forum for an active dialouge between students and companies about current topics as digital media. How does the youth use various media and how can companies use these channels to reach their target groups.

Scholarship students


As a member you'll be a contributing part of the distribution of scholarships to students and employees of Campus Helsingborg. The scholarships are usually haded out during a formal event.

Nätverksmöte med Lunds universitets ledning

Networking event with the management of Lunds University

At least once a year Campus Helsingborg and Lund University arrange a networking event where the members of Campus Vänner will receive an exclusive invite. This is an opportunity to meet the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University and his management team.

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