What to be a mentor for a company?

As a student, you have the opportunity to share your experiences with today’s employers through reverse mentorship. Being a mentor means you have the opportunity to link valuable contacts with people in senior positions. You also get valuable experiences for your personal development and an opportunity to test theory with practice.

Many employers are experiencing a major challenge in attracting and retaining the right employees in the future. By considering and continuously building their “employer brand”, employers create good opportunities to succeed in recruiting the skills they want as well as getting the employees to feel proud. In order to succeed, one must also keep up to date on what different generations value in their working lives. Through the reverse mentorship you can, as a student, provide the tools that companies need to succeed.

Employers need you as a student to get a good insight into these issues. Discussions in a mentorship program can be about empolyer branding, leadership, communication, customer loyalty, social media and much more.

Want to be a consultant for a company?

Do you want to be involved in and influence how business works?

Do you like challenges and to share your experience to employers?


We think it’s important that you, as mentor, shape your meetings together with your mentee to suit your expectations and hopes. Below you will find some basic guidelines to frame the layout and make it easy for you to get started.

  • Have a first unconditionally meeting and evaluate if you think that the matching is god.
  • Togheter with your mentee you decide the time and frequency of the layout
  • To have continuity in your meetings 4-6 times is a good aim.
  • The mentorship program is underway for 12 months after you have been matched
  • You as a mentor shall not be charged with any costs. If you choose to have lunch or coffee the adept will pay.
  • Be clear with your expectations at the first meeting and determine an individual plan.

Take the chance and be a mentor.

Once you have notified your interest, you will be contacted for further questions about matching.

Are you interested in participating as a mentor or just want to know more about the program please contact us by filling out the form below.

Past mentees and mentors shares there experiences

Emloyer and student in reverse mentorship

Student in Strategic Communication is a mentor to a director of a newspaper

During the year we've had about 15 pairs that have met through the reversed mentorship program. By having a student as a mentor the companies can gain knowledge of the younger generation's view on everything from employment to how to be visibel in digital media. Anna Snellman, master student in Strategic Communication, is a mentor for Jannik Hansen, the director of the newspaper Hallå in Skåne.

Kristina och Sofie Reversed Mentorship

Students can be apart of the companies competitive intelligence

"The external image and what one's friends and family think about an organisation is more important when choosing a future employer than what ads that are posted on LinkedIn. I quickly realized that a few "common truths" wasn't the actual truth."These are the words of Kristina Jarring Lilja, chairman of Campus Vänner. She's been the mentee of Sofie Bergdahl who's a former Service Management student and currently the CEO of Lunicore Student Consulting.

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