The application for Campus Vänner sholarship is now closed


Access to higher education is an important factor for the Helsingborg region to be attractive to people and businesses. Campus Vänner wants to contribute to Campus Helsingborg’s competitiveness and the region’s overall development, including by providing scholarships for strengthening research, education, and the study of social life at Campus Helsingborg. Lunds University is at the top of innovation and internationalization. Therefore we encourage projects that can reflect that.

  • Study trips are approved for scholarship application if it is part of a project education and not a semester/year abroad.
  • Project assignments from Campus Vänner’s member companies to students as part of the student’s education.
  • Dare to “Dream Big”!

Once a year we award scholarships to students at Campus Helsingborg. Scholarships are awarded by the Campus Vänners Board and the scholarships can be concerned with the following projects: 

An important criterion to be able to receive a scholarship is that the Project brings value to our members, students, the city of Helsingborg, or Campus Helsingborg.


Who can apply?


Students studying at Campus Helsingborg

Seize the moment and be awarded a scholarship

Once a year, Campus Vänner grants scholarships for students at Campus Helsingborg.

Scholarship holder


In order for you to have the chance to become one of Campus Vänners scholars, the following criteria must be met in connection with your scholarship application or are deemed to be met during or after your project:

– The applicant must arrange the project on which the application is based
– Applicants show realistic conditions for financing the project
– The the project is summarized in a report submitted to Campus Vänner no later than one month after the project is completed. We also ask for a 2-3 minute video presentation of your project. 
– Applicants can show that no other organization is required to pay the project, eg Campus Helsingborg

In addition, at least two of the criteria below must be met in your application.

– The project has a clear connection with business or public organizations in North West Skåne
– The project clearly shows good opportunities for increasing the attractiveness of Campus Helsingborg
– The project highlights the possible development of a subject area linked to education at Campus Helsingborg


The Board of Campus Vänner decides on dividends and benefits available funds based on the stated criteria and conditions. Decisions on rejection or granting of an application will be sent by e-mail.

Each awarded project must be reported by a shorter written report no later than one month after the completion of the project. The recipient should also be prepared to report the project in another form.

If the funds granted are not used for the intended purpose, the association reserves the right to withdraw the amount granted.

Scholarship award

Applicants are celebrated with glitter and glamor

The scholarship application is now closed!

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