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Frukostmöte med kollegor

Breakfast seminar 26 september

Skills supply is a crucial factor for growth and for many companies, the competence of employees is central because knowledge has become an increasingly important competitive factor. But how can you find the right skills? Johan Kallin, CEO of Nowaste, shares their experience.

Kristina och Sofie Omvänt mentorskap

Reversed mentorship

Do you find it interesting to develop personally and to get new experiences that can guide you or your organisation? With our reversed mentorship, the student takes on the role as mentor while the organisation will be the mentee.

Studenter berättar om sin utbildning

Reach out to 4500 students with you job ad

Campus vänner Connects is a digital platform where we publish ads for jobs, internships, graduation essays and events. All our members are free to register their ad through this service.

Campus Vänner is an organisation that aims to create the best possible exchange between the students at Campus Helsingborg and the regional business community.

We’re building bridges between the students and organisations – all, so that You as a student or organisation will get the opportunity to network and make inspiring and valuable connections for the future.

Nätverk i trappa

An organisation for you!

Networking events & seminars

A perfect opportunity to get updates about the most recent research and to broaden your professional network.


We have distributed over 2 100 00 SEK with our scholarships to students, student organisations and staff at Campus Helsingborg.

Millenium dialogue

A conversational forum between organisations and students. Each event follows a set theme. A fun opportunity to discuss topics like digital media or employer branding.

Reversed mentorship

An interesting exchange where a student acts as the mentor and the organisation as the mentee.

As a member in Campus Vänner, your company will contribute to the development of both the students and the regional business community. Take part in building the future for the Helsingborg region.

Current members
campus helsingborg på kvällen

Did you know:

– Campus Helsingborg is a part of Lund University and has existed since 2000.

– Campus Helsingborg consists of 4500 students, which is about 10% of all students at Lund University

– By the year 2015 did approximately 1600 to Campus Helsingborg

– The students are studying and researching topics within retail, logistics, crisis communication, homelessness and education.

– On Campus there’s 250 teachers, researchers and administrators work, 12 professors and 40 PhD students

– At Campus there’s 120 international students from all over the world.

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Social Media Intern

We are offering an internship opportunity for a bright, enthusiastic social media expert. You will work closely with our Marketing team to execute social media plans. This role is ideal…

Mikael Ottebrant, Manager

Frida Velin, Coordinator


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