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Network meetings & seminar

A perfect opportunity to be updated on the latest research and expand your network.


We have awarded over SEK 2,200,000 in scholarships to students, student associations and staff at Campus Helsingborg.

Millennials dialogue

Thematic dialogue forums between companies and students. A fun opportunity to discuss digital media and employer branding.

Reverse mentoring

An interesting concept where a student is a mentor and a company is adept?

Campus Vänner is an organisation that aims to create the best possible exchange between the students at Campus Helsingborg and the regional business community.

We’re building bridges between the students and organisations – all, so that You as a student or organisation will get the opportunity to network and make inspiring and valuable connections for the future.

Our latest member

We welcome My-E-Health as our latest member!

Antal medlemmar i Campus Vänner

As a member in Campus Vänner, your company will contribute to the development of both the students and the regional business community. Take part in building the future for the Helsingborg region.

Did you know that:

  • Campus Helsingborg of Lund University is characterised by boundary-crossing education and research in close collaboration with companies and organisations.
  • Here, almost 4000 students are studying strategic communication, service management, fashion studies and law or training as social workers and engineers.
  • At Campus Helsingborg, research is conducted on trade, computer science, logistics, fashion studies, service studies, communication and social work, among other subjects.
  • Campus Helsingborg offers 13 undergraduate-level degree programmes, 8 graduate-level degree programmes and 2 preparatory programmes (base year). There are also a number of independent courses in strategic communication, service management, law and social work
  • Around 150 of Lund University’s employees are located at Campus Helsingborg, of which 11 are professors and 22 are doctoral students.
  • For several years, Lund University has ranked as one of the best 100 universities in the world.

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