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PUMA NORDIC AB som medlem i Campus Vänner

Vi vill välkomna PUMA NORDIC AB som medlem i Campus Vänner. Vi ser fram emot ett spännande samarbete. Nedan kan du läsa en beskrivning om PUMA Nordic AB . "Every day, 65 colleagues walk through our doors, ready to push sport and fashion forward. We are driven to create fast products for the fastest athletes, to work hard and move fast in our game which allows us to take risks that leads us to success and make us Forever Faster. We achieve this speed working together, joining our passion, energy and potential to find the ways of outperforming every day. We are not afraid of trusting each other for our goal of winning together. We are working in a creative and inspiring environment close to the market with our customers. To be even more inspiring we are “colleagues” with famous Swedish celebrities such as Kenza and Emilia Hult. In Helsingborg, we have placed all our Nordic positions to be as efficient as possible. Since we are a Nordic organization we work a lot with communication in the Nordic countries but also with our European colleagues.  We have six different departments from sales to operations, that works together over the department barriers to serve our customers – to be the best company in the industry. In Sweden, our average age is 38,81 and we are 30% female and 70% male. Many of our employees has been in the company for many years, doing different things and grown with the company. For the third year in a row our Nordic HQ is announced as one of Sweden’s top 100 career companies. This we are very proud of and tries to up live every day!" För att läsa mer om PUMA NORDIC AB kolla in deras webbsida


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