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Breakfast seminar 6/12 - Challenges of managing a ‘new generation’ of workforce entering the labo...

What are the challenges of managing a ‘new generation’ of workforce entering the labor market? What career expectations and priorities do the new generation have? Many employers strive to recruit and retain the young generations, who purportedly hold significantly different values, attitudes and expectations compared to the generations who preceded them. For young people, Boozt Fashion is a well-known brand. What does Boozt do to become an attractive company for this new generation? As well as how do they attract and recruit young talents? Annie Schreiter and Tanya Martyn from Boozt, will be here to help us answer these questions. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with students and employers. Location: Drottninggatan 7A, Näringsliv och Destinationsutveckling, Helsingborgs stad Breakfast will be served between 07:30-08:00. The session starts at 08:00. 08.00 – Welcome 08.05 – BOOZT fashion AB “How to become an attractive employer”– Annie Schreiter – Talent Development Manager and Tanya Martyn – Recruiter 08.25 – Panel discussion 08.55 – Latest news from Campus Vänner 09.00 – Thank you, and have a great day SIGN UP HERE


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